Swingers Lifestyle

Swingers Lifestyle

The world free of frustration and the lost of loves is exactly what a swinger lifestyle is like. It simply as lifestyle where you give and receive pleasure at your own will. There are a couple of things that should be noted before entering a swinger’s lifestyle:

  • If you are uncertain about swinging then do enter into the lifestyle until you are satisfied.
  • If at anytime you are doubtful about your relationship with your partner then a swinging lifestyle is not for you.

Good communication is a vital factor in a swinger’s lifestyle. Therefore, it is important for couples to be able to openly express his/her feelings about such lifestyle.

There are 3 very common types of swinger’s lifestyles:

  1. Soft Swinging – there are absolutely no sexual intercourse between non-partners.

  2. Closed Swinging – there is a swap of partners, but sexual intercourse usually happens in separate rooms.

  3. Open Swinging – this type of swinging allows partners to sway and have sexual intercourse in the same bed, or room.


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