Swinger's Rules

Swinger's Rules

By being a swinger an entering a swinging lifestyles there are no strict rules that requires you or your partner to follow. Rules can be formed between you and your partner to ensure that you both have fun and enjoyment without jealousy while swinging.

Here are some suggested rules that you and partner can consider when entering a swinger’s lifestyle:

  1. Enter swinging lifestyle as a couple – Swinging should be entered as a couple. What is meant by “couples” is that you need not be married, but should have been together for some time.

  2. Know and be familiar with each others’ emotional needs and wants – this is a vital thing when it comes to feeling and getting use to the idea about other couple approaching you when swinging. Jealousy can often occur in these cases.

  3. Able to communicate freely – when couples enter into a swinging lifestyle it is important to have good communication between each other. You both need to be exactly clear about what you and your partner are doing and why.

  4. Assurance first – you and your partner should assure each other when being approached by other swinging couples. Whenever it is not reached, resentment and distrust will occur.

  5. Comfort comes first – when you and your partner are swinging ensure that comfort comes first. If you or your partner is uncomfortable with a situation or an activity, either of you should be stopped immediately.


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